China Learning Kit

June 9, 2009 at 7:27 am (Uncategorized)

China Learning Kit

You have probably all figured out by now that I love to combine learning with travel.  There is nothing like visiting the actual place an event took place to feel connected to it.  However, there are some places we are not going to get to any time soon.  China for example.  My kids are fascinated with China, especially my daughter.  Since we are not going to be able to travel there the next best thing is getting a packet of goodies from China sent to us! 

Recently Jimmie at One Child Policy Homeschool has been helping a friend start the neatest business.  For $13.00 (US) you can get a great packet of items sent to you from China!  We received ours recently and here is what we found inside.

  • Chinese papercut
  • Chinese knot
  • Red packet with currency
  • Chinese flag
  • Postcards
  • Bookmark
  • Red scarf worn by young Communist students
  • Honeycomb lantern
  • Stickers
  • Informational brochure about the things in the packet

My kids had a blast opening up the envelope and finding all the treasures inside.
"Did all this really come from China? Could we spend this money for real if we went there? How long is a meter? So this is the exact same scarf a Chinese student would wear? I remember when we talked about Communism."  The littles were full of questions and thoughts as we opened the packet. There were so many learning opportunities as we went through the items and read the information.  We are planning on doing a fun China study this Summer.  We will be reading books, visiting a local Chinese Market and doing a China Lapbook and possibly a Panda Lapbook.  What a fun way to get the kids excited about our Summer study!

If you are planning a China study be sure to stop by the sqidoo site and order your packet.  Right now there are only 100 available, so don’t wait too long.

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Jimmie said,

    Thanks for the review! I'm so glad your children liked the packet. I spoke to my friend last night on the phone. She has sold 45 of them already.

  2. genamayo said,

    Hi Jamin,
    I really enjoy your blog. We're traveling out east soon, so it's been perfect timing to read about your travels. I'm excited about the American History Museum, too!

    We did a panda lapbook recently. Here's the link:

    Have fun!

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