Fun Math Re-Run

June 19, 2009 at 8:31 am (Uncategorized)

I am allowed a re-run on my blog?  LOL  Last night I was at a homeschool mom’s coffee and everyone was talking about literature based math.  It got me thinking about a post I had written in 2006.  (Wow, I have been writing this blog for a long time now!) So here is the post the conversation brought to mind…

Fun Math Books Mar. 24, 2006

Wow, I just used the word fun and math in the same sentence.  Until I started homeschooling I can guarantee that never had happened!  Here are some fun Math books we love at our house.

Sir Cumference and the First Round Table
A Math Adventure

by Cindy Neuschwander

Okay, this is a fun way to learn about (Lady) Di Ameter, (her son) Radius & (The King) Sir Cumference.  One reading and your kids will have these the concepts of diameter, radius & circumference down.  Of course they will want to read it again and again!

Sir Cumference and The Dragon of Pi
A Math Adventure

by Cindy Neuschwander

In this one Sir Cumference is changed into a fire eating dragon.  Radius must go on a quest through the castle to discover the magic number that is the same for all circles (Pi) to save him.

Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone
A Math Adventure

by Cindy Neuschwander

How else could you explain Euler’s law to kids?  If you add the number of faces on a geometric solid to the number of its edges, the answer will always be two. It works for any polyhedron.  Yeah, I had no idea about this either, until we read this book!

Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland

A Math Adventure
by Cindy Neuschwander

What could be more fun than dodging danger and dragons while learning about the degrees of an angle and using  a Protractor?

We love these books.  I would say they are aimed at about a 3rd grade level and up.  But, my 5 year old daughter loved the stories too.

For a look inside these books click here.

Happy Homeschooling,



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  1. discovery academy said,

    We have only read a couple of those books, but we loved them also. I didn't realize there were so many.


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