Homeschool Convention

July 2, 2009 at 2:01 pm (Uncategorized)

If I did the math right last weekend was the 9th Homeschool Convention I have attended in the 12 years since we started homeschooling.  I guess that probably makes me somewhat of a veteran.  Each convention I have been to has been unique though.  Here are my perspectives from this year.

WOW, there is a lot of stuff out there now for Homeschoolers! The vendor halls are amazing these days with everything from full curriculums to board games being sold.  I love looking at it all even though I am completely sold on Sonlight and Math-U-See and can’t see myself ever changing.  It is still fun to hold other curriculums in my hands and see what other homeschoolers are using.

After all these years I still enjoy the speakers too.  This year I got to hear quite a few vendor speakers including ones from Konos, Making Math Meaningful and Moving Beyond the Page all curriculums that were new to me.  Again, I don’t see myself changing curriculums but I did bring away and idea or two from each speaker I heard.

Most of all I LOVE talking to other homeschoolers.  I enjoyed telling one set of new homeschool parents about MUS and seeing their eyes light up with hope that there 10th grader might actually be able to catch up in Math.  (And they didn’t need to be math marvels to teach him.)  I had fun talking to several people who were just starting out.  I think just knowing that someone who has been doing this "forever" is still somewhat sane can be a encouraging to newbies. 

The thing I think that has changed the most over the years is that everything has gotten SO much more expensive!  WOW, I couldn’t believe the prices.  I did buy a few things.  MUS for my 5 year old (Primer for the upcoming year and Foundations for him to do after that.), the card game SET, several misc. books for the littles, and A Reason for Handwrting for my 8 year old for next year.  My BIG purchase this year was Driver’s Ed in a Box!  WOW, how can my baby boy possibly be ready for Drivers Ed?  YIKES!  Honestly, this is one course I had never thought about teaching.  However, the State we live in now requires Driver’s Ed if you want to get a driver’s license before you turn 21.  (Believe me my 14 year old wants one NOW!)  So I will have to post my thoughts on that purchase soon.  Right now I am still getting use to the idea of being a Driver’s Ed teacher!  LOL

The convention got me focused and planning for next school year, which is what I needed most. It was definatley worth the trip!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. kaenhu said,

    Sonlight and MUS? I can't imagine using those! Only really really nutty people use both SL and MUS!

  2. Anonymous said,

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