LBJ Presidential Library

July 3, 2009 at 5:53 am (Uncategorized)

The history geek in me couldn’t pass up at least one museum while I was in Austin.  I decided to skip out a little early the last day of the homeschool convention so I could spend some time at the LBJ Presidential Library. I am SO glad I did! 

Lyndon B. Johnson was the President when I was born so much of what is covered in the museum are things I remember happening around me when I was growing up…such as the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Space Program.  Other things like the assassination of President Kennedy where still fresh in the minds of everyone around me.  So visiting this museum was a little like reliving the news events of my childhood!

Here is the entrance to the museum.
The plaza around the building is under construction so I couldn’t get a very good shot of the sign.

Reproduction of the Oval Office as it was when LBJ was president.

Here is the bank of TV’s LBJ had put in the oval office so he could watch "all 3" channels at once!

The coffee table in the middle LBJ had specially made for the oval office.  It had a mulit-line phone built into the drawer. Such high technology!  LOL

Just passed the oval office is a area dedicated to the First Lady.

I thought this sign was interesting.

Here is one of Lady Birds dresses.

White House China Lady Bird had made featuring Texas wildflowers.

Decorations from the Whitehouse Christmas tree.

After the First Lady exhibit I headed downstairs to the main exhibit about LBJ’s life.  This exhibit covers from 1908 to 1973, the span of his lifetime and all of my childhood.  (I was 13 in 1973.)

Here is a mint condition Model T that was a gift ot LBJ from the Ford Company.  It was the same model his family owned when he was a child.

LBJ Campaign pins

Hats from each branch of the service from WWII

LBJ’s hat from WWII

LBJ’s Limo
This was the last Presidential Limo made that did not have bullet proof glass.

Then I headed over the section on the Kennedy Assassination.

This was JFK’s Bible which was in Air Force One.  It was used to swear LBJ in as President after JFK was killed.

These are the outfits worn by LBJ and Lady Bird the day JFK was killed.

Then there was an exhibit on the LBJ Presidency.  I was only 4 when he left office, but I could have seen his hat and coat anywhere and known it was LBJ’s.
It is weird how certain images get into your brain and are there forever.

There are many other pictures I could post.  There was a lovely section of the museum that displayed gifts that were received by the President during his term.  There is also a lovely collection of paintings of all the presidents and first ladies.  I really enjoy anything that has to do with the first ladies, so that was a big hit with me. There was also a lot on Civil Rights, MLK Jr.  Bobby Kennedy Assassination and Vietnam.  But, most of those were all in video displays so they didn’t make for good pictures. 

Then there was this….

A piece of the moon!
I have seen and touched pieces of the moon in both California and Washington D.C.  But, it never gets old! 

There just happened to be a traveling exhibit that was all about space exploration at the museum.  I LOVE all things space and NASA so I was very happy I got to see the exhibit!  But, this post is getting long enough for one day…

So I will have to post those another time.

Happy Homeschooling,


Click HERE for my post on other Presidential Libraries I have visited.



  1. Anonymous said,

    That is such a neat place. We are planning that for a field trip this coming year. Gotta do that one again. Glad you got to go. Check this out…has to do with LBJ…


  2. kaenhu said,

    Wow what a neat museum. Now I want to take my kids there! Where was it again? LOL Seriously–you have really inspired me to take advantage of all this neat local stuff.

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