Sunscreen Shirt

July 14, 2009 at 8:57 am (Uncategorized)

A friend of ours bought her red-head husband a t-shirt that says "Keep out of Direct Sunlight." a few years ago.  That t-shirt is SO me!  My whole life Summer has equaled sunburn.  When I was growing up there was no such thing as sunscreen and as much as my mom tried to keep hats, t-shirts and shade on me I was always a lobster all Summer long.  Lucky for me sunscreen came along before I had kids.  All my kids take after me in regards to being super fair.  So we are always slathering on the sunscreen.  A few years ago I started buying them all sunscreen shirts.  We LOVE them!  It is so much easier to pop a shirt on them and them just sunscreen arms, legs, faces and necks than to try to keep their whole torso coated.  (Sunscreen shirts don’t wash off! And my kids call sunscreen sunscream!  Can you guess why? LOL)  Thanks to sunscreen and sunscreen shirts none of my kids have ever had a bad sunburn. I am another story however!

No mater how much sunscreen I wear or how much shade I find I STILL get baked.  This year I decided I didn’t care how much a sunscreen shirt cost for me, I was getting one!  Sunday was the first day I had gone swimming since I got my shirt and guess what?  After 8 hours in the sun NO SUNBURN!!!!  I am telling you I am rejoicing!  It actually feels weird to NOT be in pain after a day in the sun!  And guess what?  I got my shirt at Land’s End for just $24.50!  WOW! 

Here is my new sunscreen shirt.

I just HAD to spread the word about how great it feels NOT to be sunburned!  The added bonus is I felt a lot more modestly dressed running around the water park all day too!  It’s a win-win!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. abundantlyblessedtoo said,

    I had never heard of these before. Now I'm going to have to investigate.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Wouldn't any shirt work? I've never heard of getting sunburn with close on. Just where the close are not. I'm a little confused. That's why you see farmer's tans where the shirt is doesn't get the sun.

  3. jaminacema said,

    A white t-shirt is an spf of 5. Yes, I sunburn through a t-shirt. Yes, people get Farmer's tans with t-shirts, but rays are getting through the t-shirt too, just not as many as on unprotected skin. These sunscreen shirts are spf 50+. Also, they don't get water logged and weigh you down in the water. I have worn t-shirts in the water and they fill up and balloon all over the place. Then when you get out of the water they bag all over and cling to your body. (Not the look I am going for.) These are more like a light weight weight suit. They don't fill up with water or float around while you swim. Plus when you get out of the pool the water just sheets off of them. They are MUCH superior to swimming in regular clothing. Hope that helps.


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