Let's Finish Some Sentences…

July 22, 2009 at 8:02 am (Uncategorized)

1. Maybe I should be….cleaning my house.  

2. I love…….my kids and my hubby!  

3. People would say that I …..have a lot of energy.

4. I don’t understand……God’s ways, but I have learned to trust Him and things will turn out right.

5. When I wake up in the morning…..I am happy to see my kiddos faces.  

6. I lost….my mind many years ago.  

7. Life is full of……opportunities!

8. My past taught me….that God is good and I can trust Him.  

9. I get annoyed when…..someone yells at me.  

10. At a party I……TALK, TALK, TALK!  

11. I wish……I could rewind and keep all 3 of my kids little for a looooooong time.  

12. Dogs……steal my heart.  

13. Cats……are nice, but I am a dog person first. 

14. Tomorrow…..I have a busy day.  

15. I have a low tolerance for…..bickering.  

16. If I had a million dollars…..I would pay off our house in Las Vegas and then give it away! (Maybe to the ministry The Vegas Project? )

17. I’m totally terrified of……the current economy and the direction our country seems to be going.  :^(

Now it’s your turn!  Let me know if you post your finished sentences.




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