The Mystery in Las Vegas

July 24, 2009 at 9:28 am (Uncategorized)

My daughter has been looking for a new series of books to read since she has almost finished all the Magic Tree House books.  Last week we were at the bookstore and we came across a series called Carole Marsh Real Kids Real Places Mysteries .  We were flipping through the locations…Biltmore House, Golden Gate Bridge, Disney World, California Mission Trail, LAS VEGAS!   WOW, I didn’t ever expect to find a children’s book based in Las Vegas!  Of course we snatched it right up.  Even though I struggled to feel at home in Las Vegas the 4 years we lived there comprise most of the littles early memories.  My two little ones were very excited at the proposition of reading about what they consider their "home town". (They were 3 weeks and 2 years old when we moved there, so honestly Las Vegas is their "normal".)

So here is the premise of the book.  Two kids travel to Las Vegas with their grandparents.  The grandparents are hesitant to take them to Las Vegas at first, since it is known as a "adult playground".  But, after the kids research all the kid friendly things to do in Sin City ;^) the grandparents relent and take them. Once in Las Vegas the adventure begins!  They meet a boy and girl who have come from India to bring two rare white tigers that are to be a part of show at a new hotel.  In no time the tigers are stolen and the kids are off traipsing all over Southern Nevada looking for clues to solve the mystery.  The story was really fun!  We learned about a lot of fun Las Vegas sights including Hoover Dam, Ethel M Chocolate Factory, Ice Box Canyon and Lake Meade not to mention all the touristy stuff on the Strip and Fremont Street.  I thought the author did an amazing job of including a lot of neat facts about the area and it’s history.  My kids just LOVED reading about all the places we use to hang out!

This would be a great book to read before a visit to Las Vegas, and if you live there, it’s a must read! 

Here is a list of all the Real Kids Real Places Titles:

#1 The Mystery of Biltmore House
#2 The Mystery on the Freedom Trail
#3 The Mystery of Blackbeard The Pirate
#4 The Mystery of the Alamo Ghost
#5 The Mystery of the California Mission Trail
#6 The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaurs
#7 The White House Christmas Mystery
#8 The Mystery of the Iditarod Trail
#9 The Mystery at Kill Devil Hills
#10 The Mystery in New York City
#11 The Mystery at Disney World
#12 The Mystery on the Underground Railroad
#13 The Mystery in the Rocky Mountains
#14 The Mystery on the Mighty Mississippi
#15 The Mystery at the Kentucky Derby
#16 The Mystery of the Grand Canyon
#17 The Mystery at Jamestown
#18 The Mystery in Chocolate Town…Hershey, Pennsylvania
#19 The Gosh Awful Gold Rush Mystery
#20 The Counterfeit Constitution Mystery
#21 The Mystery of the Haunted Ghost Town
#22 The Mystery in Las Vegas
#23 The Mystery of the Graveyard of the Atlantic
#24 The Ghost of the Golden Gate Bridge
#25 The Wild Water Mystery at Niagara Falls
#26 The Colonial Caper Mystery at Williamsburg

We are looking forward to getting more of these and exploring more places through the books.  I am even wondering if these would be a good series to as a book club for my little man when he get a bit older? (Like the American Girl Club I do for my daughter now.)  One great thing about these books is that the author has already included a Built-In Book Club in the back of the book. There are discussion questions, activities, trivia and vocabulary words.  (In the Las Vegas books there are vocab words like chauffeur, concierge and impersonate. :^)

If you are looking for some fun new books be sure to check these out!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    These books look great!!!! Thanks for letting us know about them. Unfortunately, our library does not have them (YET!) I will let the librarian know later today about these books. I hope that the library will buy some so I don't have to purchase all of them myself. Thanks again for the recommendation!

  2. Anonymous said,

    I just discovered this author too-a friend let me borrow the Iditarod trail one (we are going to be doing a unit on that this year). We only have 2 at our library, one happens to be Biltmore which we aren't too far from. Seems like a nice series!

  3. mhabrych said,

    We loved the Iditarod Trail, which we read near the Iditarod race in March. Good one!

  4. Anonymous said,

    What age group would these be best for?

  5. jaminacema said,

    Well, both my 5 year odl and 8 year old enjoyed it as a read aloud. I am thinking it is a 3rd or 4th grade reading level.


  6. Anonymous said,

    My girls love these books. The teachers guides are great also.

  7. Anonymous said,

    Thank you soooo much for alerting us to this book series! We have been looking for a new series to start and this will be perfect!! It also works well that we live in KILL DEVIL HILLS…lol! We will also be taking a field trip to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum which is not far from us. We are so excited for our next trip to the bookstore!! Thanks again!

  8. Jessica said,

    Focus on the Family has about 50 printable PDF Mealtime Devotions here:

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