Pillows – Renewed!

August 6, 2009 at 8:56 am (Uncategorized)

One of my nieces is here visiting this week.  The main thing she wanted to do on this visit was sew.  If you are a loooong time reader of my blog you may remember 3 years ago when I spent a good part of the Summer making quilts for my nieces out of their mom’s clothing after she passed away.  I made each of the girls a quilt and made a pillow for my brother-in-law.  As it turned out the girls liked their quilts and LOVED the pillow I made their dad!  Evey time I talk to them they tell me how they all fight over the pillow!  I have had the BEST intentions to make the girls each there own pillow, but I just never got around to it.  So yesterday with my niece and daughters help we not only made 2 new pillows, but cleaned up the original one. The girls had loved on that original pillow so much that it was filthy dirty and flat as a pancake! 

Here is the original pillow I sent them 3 years ago…

And here it is after 3 years of lovin!  LOL
The white pant leg laying on top of it is the same white fabric the pillow was made from!  Can you say gross????

Here is the original pillow washed and restuffed along with 2 new ones for the girls.
These are made from 4 pairs of their mom’s pants on the front and a jacket she LOVED on the back.

Here is my niece with the one we made for her.  She is very happy that we were able to work the pocket of her mom’s jacket into her pillow!
I cannot even tell you how happy I am that they all love this pillow as much as they do!  I hope the new ones give them years of comfort and snuggling!  I look forward to washing and re-stuffing them all again and again through the years!

Happy Homeschooling,


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HERE is my post about my sweet sister-in-law who also happened to be my cousin! What?  You will have to read this one to understand the special relationship we had being not only cousins but being married to brothers!



  1. Anonymous said,

    What a special aunt you are to make those wonderful keepsakes for your sweet nieces. I love the pictures of your little guy in the tree during the picture taking. To cute!!


  2. Christinethecurious said,

    Oh, it sure feels good to make a special gift for family! Hooray for finishing!


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