Stuffed Hedgehogs

August 7, 2009 at 7:54 am (Uncategorized)

Since my niece enjoyed sewing the pillows we made so much I wanted to have one other fun sewing project for her to make before she goes home.  And what kid wouldn’t want a stuffed green hedgehog?  LOL

I had seen the instructions for this fun little project a few weeks ago on the Dollar Store Crafts Website.  Last night before bed I made one up really quick so I could make sure they worked okay and would know how to instruct the kids to each make one this morning.

Here is my hedgehog along with what it is made out of!
Yep, this started as a car wash mitt from the Dollar Tree!  I actually messed mine up, because I didn’t read the directions before I made it.  (That is very me!  I am a much more visual learner than someone who can be bothered to read directions.) Once I got it done I realized the nose wasn’t as pointy as I remembered the ones I saw on the website being.  See, that is why I needed to make one first!  So now I know how to instruct the kids to make theirs this morning.  They are going to LOVE making these.  There is very little sewing and you get a lot of bang for your buck, literally!  LOL (Get it, I bought the mitts at the Dollar Tree for a buck? hehehe)

You will find the instructions you need to make one of these HERE.

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Krista said,

    Since there is nowhere else appropriate to tell you- bittersweet congrats on your preschool graduation! Read your freebie friday post and felt your "no more preschool" pain; my baby is 5 as well 😉

  2. jolenecmom said,

    Oh wow!!! Those hedgehogs are awesome!! My 7 yr old son just saw them and has begged me to get the supplies to make him and my other children each one. TFS this wonderful idea

  3. Anonymous said,

    Oh, those are so cute. I love easy too. Thanks for sharing

  4. said,

    I love it!!!!!

  5. Anonymous said,

    It turned out so cute!!

    –Heather from Dollar Store Crafts

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