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August 25, 2009 at 8:36 am (Uncategorized)

One of the things I have been doing on my looooooong blog break is planning out my oldest sons high school years. My good friend Faye advised me to create my sons High School transcript as we go along each year of High School.  So since that is how I am planning things out, I am considering this one post.

Here is what I did to create my sons plan for High School which will eventually become his transcript.

Step 1 – Pray, ask God to guide me as I work on this important task.
Step 2 – I went to the public school website for the State I live in and looked at what is required for a state diploma.  I am not required to copy what they have done, but it gives me a good starting place.
Step 3. – Decided what classes we plan on teaching for the entire 4 years. (What History, Math, Science, Bible, etc. taking into consideration what my son wants to do with his future.  My son and husband were also involved in this planning.)
Step 4 – Insert the curriculum I use into the proper slots I have created above. (I used THIS BLOG POST to determine what credit to use for the Sonlight Cores we used for High School.)
Step 5 – Determine what grades my son has earned for classes taken.
Step 6 – Mark which classes I have taught and what he took from  other people. (This was suggested at a homeschool convention I attended over the Summer.  This will show that I wasn’t the one to determine all his grades.)
Step 7 – Mark any classes that are taken at Community College as Dual Credit. (We haven’t done any of these yet, but we plan on it in his Jr. and Sr. year.)
Step 6 – Use GPA calculator to determine his grand point average for each year.
Step 7 – BREATHE!

I am sure I will have more posts on this topic once we get to his senior year and I am creating the actual transcript.  But for now at least I have not only a plan, but a record of all he has done so far.  I feel a lot less stressed out now that I have done this.  My son was pretty happy too when he saw what he has already done and what is left to do.  :^)

Below is what we came up with so far for my son schedule wise.  He has already completed all the Freshman Credits and is ready to start his Sophomore Year! All items marked with a "?" are classes we intend to teach but have not determined the curriculum for yet.

Transcript/The Plan

English/Language Arts – 4.0 Credits:
1 – Freshman Year – 1 Credit (Sonlight 100)
2 – Sophomore Year – 1 Credit (Sonlight 200)
3 – Junior Year – 1 Credit (Sonlight 300)
4 – Senior Year – 1 Credit – (Sonlight British Literature)
Math – 5.0 Credits:
Algebra 1 – Freshman Year – 1 Credit (Teaching Textbook)
Algebra 2 – Junior Year – 1 Credit
Geometry – Sophomore Year – 1 Credit (Math-U-See)
Trigonometry – Senior Year – 1 Credit
Fourth Math Class – Personal Finance – Freshman Year – 1 Credit (Dave Ramsey Personal Finance for Christian High Schools) *
Social Studies/History 4.5 Credits:
U.S. History – Freshman Year – 1 Credit (Sonlight 100)
World History – Sophomore Year – 1 Credit (Sonlight 200)
Western Civilization/Church History – (Sonlight Core 300) – Junior Year – 1.0 Credit
U.S. Government – Freshman Year 0.5 Credit (HOAC/other)
World Geography – ?
Science – 4.0 Credits:
Biology – Freshmen Year – 1.0 Credit (Apologia)
Chemistry with Lab – Junior Year – 2.0 Credit
Physics – Sr. Year – 1.0 Credit
Economics – 0.5 Credit:
United States Economics – Sophomore Year – 0.5 Credit (HOAC/Economics in One Lesson)
Physical Education – 1.5 Credits:
Foreign Language – 2.0 Credits:
Japanese 1 – Freshman Year .05 Credits, Sophomore Year 0.5 Credit (Rosetta Stone)
Japanese 2 – Junior Year 0.5 Credit, Senior Year 0.5 Credit (Rosetta Stone)
Health Education – 0.5- Credit:
Bible 2.0 Credits:
1 –  Freshman Year – 0.5 Credit
2 – Sophomore Year – 0.5 Credit
3 – Junior Year – 0.5 Credit
4 – Sr. Year – 0.5 Credit
Technology Applications – 2.0 Credit:
A.L.I.C.E. –  Sophomore Year  – 1.0 Credit
JAVA – ?
Fine Arts – 1.0 Credit:
Art Appreciation – Sophomore Year – 1.0 Credit (HOAC/other)
Speech – .05 Credit:
Electives – 3.5 Credits:
Driver’s Education – Sophomore Year – 0.5 Credits  (Driver’s Ed in A Box)
Food Science – The History, Customs and Science of Food – Freshman Year – 0.5 Credit
Home Economics – Cooking and Baking 101 – Freshman- Sr. Year – 1.0 Credit

Total Credits = 31

Audio Visual Team – Camera Operator – Freshman through Sr. Year
Comic Writing and Spriting –
Freshman through Sr. Year
Chess Club –  Freshman  Year – Freshman Year
Cubbies Leader – Freshman through Sr. Year

* Key:
NTP = Not Parent Taught
DC = Dual Credit – Taken at Community College.
? = Curriculum undecided at this time.

Below are some pictures I took of a (SUPER SIZED!) sample transcript I liked the look of at a homeschool convention this Summer. To be honest I don’t know if I have ever seen an actual High School transcript.  (If I saw mine many, many moons ago I sure don’t remember it.)  But, I like that this one had so much info on one page.  And it sure looks official!  LOL  Mine won’t be exactly the same I am sure, but this is where I think I am heading as of right now. 

So that’s were we are for now.  I am sure there will be lot’s of changes along the way, but it feels great to have a plan! 

Click HERE for my post on freebies you can use to create a transcript.

Happy Homeschooling,




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  2. Heather said,

    Hi Jamin,
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