Happy 15th Birthday to my BIG BOY!!!

August 29, 2009 at 10:29 am (Uncategorized)

Today my oldest son turned 15!  WOW!!!  A year from today he can get a driver’s license and a job if he wants to!  It is surreal!  Of course to me it seems like only yesterday I was a new mom holding my precious first child for the first time.  But, the truth is I am now the mom of a BIG BOY!  LOL Now that he is 15 I have no choice other than to admit that we are firmly entrenched in the teen years!  I am pleased to report that having a teenager in the house has not been nearly as bad as people led me to believe the would be!  As a matter of fact I am thoroughly enjoying my teenager and dreading the day he leaves home! Of course being a parent to a teenager is quite different than being a mom to my little ones. 

Recently a friend of mine shared an article with me called When Your Dog Becomes a Cat.  It is a neat perspective of what it is like to suddenly have a teenager in the house!  The point of the article is that children are like dogs.  They look up to their parents with wonder and amazement, they bound into the house filled with excitement!  I well remember the days when my oldest thought I had hung the moon!  Then around the age of 13 our sweet little dog becomes a big ole house cat….sleepy, indifferent, aloof…yet still in need of care, feeding and attention on their own terms.  The article is short and was written 13 years ago when my oldest was only 2!  But, it was a great reminder to me that my son is growing up!  He is changing in the ways God intended for him too!  My job is to adjust!  I have to be aware that the sweet little puppy I raised is now a cat!  He still needs me, he just needs me to be a cat momma now!  The best thing I can do is treat him like a cat…I need to put out a bowl of food and be waiting to see what he wants from me. He does all kind of cat like things now.  He will run when I call him and jump on the counter when I tell him to sit!  :^)  He is no longer a dog who will fetch on command!  Being mom to a cat is a whole new experience for me, but that is what parenting is all about.  Just about the time I get one phase figured out we have moved to the next one!  As the saying goes…parenting is the only job that if you do it well you find yourself out of a work! 

So happy, happy birthday to my wonderful cat like son!  I treasured every moment of your dog years!  But, your cat years are just as precious and wonderful to me.  I pray God will always show me how to be the mom you need me to be! 

Happy Homeschooling,


Me and my puppy 15 years ago!

My wonderful cat like son, having a goofy puppy moment on his 15th birthday!

Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6



  1. drewsfamilytx said,


    Wow, 15!!!

  2. Lea said,

    Happy Birthday to Cat and Mamma! It looks like you had a wonderful day!

    Beautiful pictures too!

  3. TJ said,

    I have loved my teens, too! My youngest (of 5) turned 14 this spring. I am not looking forward to the day he leaves, either. One of the best things about homeschooling is that parents and children have a wonderful opportunity to be very close, I love that!

    Tell your 'cat' happy birthday from another mom who loves the teen years!

  4. www.shadybayouacademy.blogspot.com said,

    That photo of you with your puppy is SWEET! You are so beautiful!

  5. www.shadybayouacademy.blogspot.com said,

    That photo of you with your puppy is SWEET! You are so beautiful!

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