Freebie Friday September 4, 2009 Book Making

September 4, 2009 at 6:00 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to Freebie Friday!

I LOVE books!  I love reading them, holding them, smelling them and even making them!  If you ever came to my house you would know I am telling the truth because all of our bookcases are overflowing! (All eleven of them!)  This week I am going to share freebies to help you make books with your kids.  Homemade books can be a great learning tool!  Once your children make a book they are going to want to fill it with something!  What a great opportunity to learn something new and write a book about it!  My kids love to do this and we have made a variety of books over the years.  It is a great way to put together a presentation and share it with friends and family.

The first time it ever occurred to me to make a book was at a museum in Sacramento California.  My husband, 4 year old son and I visited one Saturday and they had a room set up where you could make your own books.  The tables were piled with beautiful papers, ribbon, strings, cardboard, scissors, hole punches and lots of examples.  We spent the whole afternoon in that room creating our own masterpieces.  I have loved making books ever since!  Here are some great freebies to get you started on your own bookmaking adventure!

Making Books with Kids is one of my favorite bookmaking websites and a great place to get started!  This site offers 9 different free tutorials to make 9 very different books!  The stick and elastic books was the first type I ever made! You can also sign up for a free newsletter.

Let’s Book It is a more high tech approach to making books.  This website has many templates set up in Power Point so you can save and alter them before printing.  I haven’t used this site myself yet, but I have it bookmarked to use this school year! has a HUGE selection of ideas and instructions for making books in the Family Crafts section of the website.  One we have done from this website is the ABC Collage book. I have done something similar with all 3 of my kids when they were preschoolers. Some of the ideas on this website are not even books at all!  I really liked the Story Sack idea they have where you assemble things into a bag (or sack) to get your children making up their own stories! There are over 40 ideas on this one website alone!

I also found a great free printable Medieval Book HERE. This one is great because it has all the fancy art around the pages for your kids to color. It also includes a little information on Medieval books and a recipe for making ink.  There are now words on the pages though so your children can make the story their own.

If you want to see an example of books my daughter and I made a couple years ago you will find one HERE.  These are fun little paper bag books that can be made for pennies.  I even have suggestions in the post on how to incorporate them into your learning.

I will see you again next week right here at Freebie Fridays!

Happy Homeschooling,


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