Being Homeschooled – By: The Littles

September 8, 2009 at 8:46 am (Uncategorized)

The office supply store had 3 prong folders on sale for 1 cents each a couple weeks ago.  I really didn’t need any for school projects, but I decided that they would be great for the littles to use to make their own books.  I bought 40 of them.  I was right, they have been having a BLAST making books.  Last week my daughter made one called I Am Home Schooled

Here is what she wrote in it:

I am homeschooled. 
I LOVE homeschool!
It is fun.
We do lapbooks.
I read a lot!
My school is in my home.
We have a dog and a cat.
I have a school room.
I love books!
2 of my favorite book series are Magic Tree House and the American Girl Books.
I do school with my mom.
I like doing school with my mom!
It is FUN.
We have a homeschool group.
Lots of my friends are in the homeschool group.
My mom teaches American Girl Club for ME!
I go to Awana.  I am in TNT.
The End
2009 Sept. 3rd

Not to be outdone by his sister my 5 year old son asked me to write down a list of what he is most excited about in the coming school year. 

Here is his list.

1. Being homeschooled
2. Going to read books.
3. Lots of fun stuff
4. Field trips
5. Awana – Sparks!
6. Moving to a new house (It’s a looooong story, but yes we are looking.)
7. kisses

As I look at these sweet and simple words written by my littles I can’t help but be reminded how blessed I am!  Not only do I have 3 sweet children, but I get to be with them day in and day out!  There will be time for me someday.  Time for lunches with my friends, long naps and walks with the dog.  But as we enter our 13th year of homeschooling I know for sure that it all goes waaaaay too fast!  It will all be over before I know it!  I am so grateful to God that He led me on this path.  And I am especially thankful that #7 made it onto my little mans list! That is definitely the part of the new school year I am  most looking forward too!

Today is our first day of the new school year.  So I can officially say….12 years down and 13 to go! 

Happy Homeschooling,



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  1. said,

    You're halfway through! How exciting!!! 😉

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