First Day of the New School Year Pictures

September 9, 2009 at 8:24 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was our first day of the new school year!  I always like to take pictures of the kids on the first day.  It is SO amazing how they are all growing up sooooo fast!

Here are all my students together!

My Kindergartner!

My 3rd grader! (Looking at butterflies on the tree.)

My Sophomore!

Here they are doing their school work.

My daughter is doing her Math-U-See.

My youngest is working on some file folder games after he finished his Math-U-See. 
He did 6 pages and his sister did 2.  But, 3rd grade math takes a bit longer than K Math. :^)

Here is my oldest working on his Math-U-See Geometry.
We tried Teaching Textbook last year and my son didn’t like it.  He is SO happy to be back to Math-U-See!

Day one went well.  We did have a little drama when my youngest stuck a bead up his nose while we were all reading the Bible together at the start of the day.  But, once I dug it out and calmed him down the rest of the day went really well!  LOL  We seem to always have some drama the first day.  Compared to other years this was pretty mild.  ;^) (When my daughter was 2 she ate the tips off all our markers the first day of school.  She had some colorful drool going on!  LOL  She had already used a red Sharpie as lipstick a couple days before at a friends house.  She was quite a sight!  LOL I should have taken pictures, but she was already SO naughty I didn’t want to encourage her!)

This is an exciting year because the kids are ALL doing Sonlight and Math-U-See!  My oldest has done both Sonlight and Math-U-See almost every year since he was in 2nd Grade.  So the littles are feeling quite big doing the same curriculms as their big brother!  The littles are doing Core 2 and my oldest is doing Core 200. It was so weird today reading the Sonlight books I read to my oldest 8 years ago.  I have a vauge memory of the stories, but they feel new too!

I hope your first day of school was or will be great too!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. TomySky said,

    Woo-hoo! Yay for Sonlight [smile]. But, I'll admit, I'm missing the pictures of everyone reading. Of course, the picture of your daughter working out the solution with her fingers (and you can see the wheels turning in her head) is fantastic… [smile]


  2. said,

    I love it! Enjoy your year!!!! 🙂

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