Freebie Friday Sept. 18, 2009 Lapbooking

September 18, 2009 at 7:04 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to Freebie Friday!

I can’t start a new school year without bringing you some Lapbooking freebies!  My family started lapbooking almost 3 years ago and we all LOVE it!  Lapbooking has been such a great addition to our homeschooling.  There are so many things I like about it.  The first being that it is great for any topic and any age.  My oldest to youngest are 10 years apart and they both enjoy lapbooking!  We have done them on everything from the ABC’s   to Shakespeare ! Another thing I love about Lapbooks is that you can find so many of them for FREE!  There are a ton of free lapbooks out there!  I hope you enjoy this weeks freebies and that lapbooking is as fun for your family as it is for mine.

First off if you are wondering "What is a lapbook"  be sure to check out the Lapbooking Squidoo site You will find an amazing collection of pictures, instructions, videos and links to answer all your questions.  You can also check out my How To Begin Lapbooking post and find links so to over 30 Lapbooks my children have made on the sidebar at this link. is an amazing source of free lapbooks.  Just this one website could keep your children lapbooking for years!  My kids have done quite a few of the free lapbooks from this website which now boast over 300 free lapbooks!  I was really excited to see that they now offer Lapbooks for all the Little House on the Prairie Books!  Some of the ones I am hoping my kids can make this year are the All about Me Lapbook  for my 5 year old, the Cooking Lapbook for my 8 year old daughter and the Chemistry one for my oldest.
Another wonderful resource at is that they offer well over 100 blank lapbook templates too!   So if you can’t find a pre-made lapbook you need you can easily make your own!

Homeschool Helper Online is another site with a lot of great free lapbooks. 
I am thinking my 2 little ones would enjoy making the Money Lapbook this year. 
There United States Flag Lapbook   and Fire Safety Lapbook   are also high on my list of lapbooks I am hoping the kids do soon!  You will find a great collection of blank templates at this site to.

Lapbook Lessons also offers a great selection of free lapbooks! They have their free lapbooks split into 12 categories including Bible, Character, Book Reports, Animals, Holidays, and Science.  This site is growing all the time so be sure to stop by often!  They also offer some neat unique items like Mini Offices you can create that will help your children with their frequently asked questions!

I hope you enjoy this week’s great freebies!

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. Anonymous said,

    Thanks for all the great lapbook links! I, too, enjoy doing them with my kids, though we haven't done any in a while. I'm going to have to plan to start some new ones soon!


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