American Girl Club – Josefina – Pouch Craft

September 22, 2009 at 8:13 am (Uncategorized)

Here is our craft for week two of Josefina.

This is similar to the waist pouch that Josefina wears in the American Girl stories.  In book one Josefina picks primrose flowers and carries them in her pouch. 

Here is how we will be making ours.

Cut tan leather or vinyl into 16 inch X 6 inch rectangles.  Then cut one end to a point. (I measured down 3 inches on each side and drew a line to the middle of the center of the short end.) 

Then you need to punch holes like this.
You will be punching a total of 19 holes.  In this picture I have punched 11 and marked the other 8.  You need to punch the bottom 8 and then fold it up and mark where to punch the other 8 so they line up exactly.  The 2 that are punched a little further in is where the cord will go through to wear it around your waist. This is the point I will be giving the project to the girls.  They can punch the final holes and finish the pouch from here.

So once you have all the holes punched you can fold it over and use twine to sew up the sides.  Then you can add your belt.  We are going to use heavy beige yarn to make the belts.  (I hadn’t been to the store to buy the yarn yet when I made the sample and I used a piece of leather I had left over from when we made Kaya dresses.)  Then you can loop a small piece of twine through the hole at the point and add beads.  This will not only decorate it, but the weight of the beads will help keep it closed.

I am looking forward to making these with the girls tonight!

Happy Homeschooling,



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  1. debbie said,

    Just fell upon your site. Have been hs for 1 and half years. We are doing group projects and I will be doing American Girls in March. I totall love your ideas. I have the American Girls Club book but these are great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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