American Girl Club – Josefina – Week 2

September 23, 2009 at 7:31 am (Uncategorized)

Here is what we did for week 2 of Josefina…

  1. Discussed questions from book 2 – Josefina Learns a Lesson.
  2. Read about the clothing of the time in the In Josefina’s World Book
  3. Played a game with Spanish words.  (See below for more info.)
  4. Made our waist pouches
  5. Started working on cardboard loom weaving projects.
  6. Had Goat Cheese and tortillas for snack.

Here is what we did for the game we played.  I typed up 10 words that have to do with clothing in English.  (Since we have 20 girls) Then I looked the same words up in Spanish.  I printed them on card stock and then cut them all out to be the same size.  Once I cut them out I used my scrapbooking scissors to cut each one apart with a different blade.  (If you don’t have 10 different ones you could use regular scissors and just cut them distinctly so they have a match.)

Then I passed the half pieces out to all the girls and they had to go around the room and find their match.  Once they found their match they sat together on the floor.  Then we went around and the girls had to tell their word in English and Spanish.  It was a fun little mixer and gave the girls a chance pair up with a new friend.

Here are some pictures from the evening…

My daughter working on her pouch.

One of the mom’s working with her daughter on her pouch.

One of the mom’s wore a serapa to showe the girls!
One of the other mom’s also brought a huge bunch of peppers she got from her garden.  So the girls all got to take some home so share with their families!

My daughter trying out goat cheese wrapped in tortillas.  (She wasn’t a fan!  LOL)

One of the girls wearing her completed waist pouch.

My daughter working writing her name on her weaving project.

Several of the girls this week used their rebozons to sling their babies.  This of course stole my heart!

One of the girls working on her weaving.

So that was night two of Josefina!  As you can see we had a lot of fun!!!

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. Paulina Licon said,

    Hello Jamin,
    One of the projects that I found in your blog and is one of my favorites is the American Girl Club. Actually I hope one day I'll be able to buy my own, even when I'm 23 😛 and read all the books.
    I live in the region of El Paso, TX -Juarez, Chih – Las Cruces, NM so I love that you're doing this book. Love the flour tortillas you made.
    It always seems all the girls are having so much fun.

    P.S. In the English-Spanish words activity, the inclusion of the words EL/LA were to reinforce that in Spanish are female/male words?? I'm just very curious.

    Paulina Licon,

  2. jaminacema said,

    P.S. In the English-Spanish words activity, the inclusion of the words EL/LA were to reinforce that in Spanish are female/male words?? I'm just very curious.

    Honestly I know nothing about Spanish. I used an online Spanish to English Translator and then just wrote down the answers I got. Thanks for letting me know this. I will clarify it with the girls next week. :^)Edited by jaminacema on Sep. 23, 2009 at 11:59 AM

  3. Anonymous said,

    Hi..its me Leena.I know how much you love I just had to share this site. The Crafty Crow…it is fantastic. Wait until you see all the neat fairy ideas. Leena

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