Freebie Friday Sept. 25, 2009 File Folder Fun and A Few Suprises!

September 26, 2009 at 8:51 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to Freebie Friday!

Since my kids ages are spread out all over the map I get a lot of questions about how to keep the little ones busy while I work with my older son.  One tool I use with my littles are file folder games.  I came across these last year at the Library and was thrilled to find that there are lots of great free ones online!  So this week I am bringing you free File Folder Games and a few other surprises I hope you enjoy!

File Folder Fun offers free file folders for preschool through second grade.  You will find file folders for Science, Language Arts, Math and more!  You can browse by subject or grade level.  The more you click the more you find at this website!

Looking for phonics games?  Check these out!

Adding and rhyming?  Click here.

Simple Addition, telling time and counting money. Click here.

For Preschool File Folders click here. (There are 22 to chose from on the yellow side bar on the left.)

For more preschool file folder games click here.  You will find them mixed in with a lot of other free printables for little ones. 

Now for those surprises I promised!

This Summer I bought the game SET for my family and everyone LOVES it!  Recently I came across a Free Daily SET puzzle online!  Be careful though, it’s addictive!

Next be sure to stop by Barbara Frank Online.  She now has all her great freebies in one place!  You will find her awesome Car Purchase Project for teens, Special Reports, Ecourses and more!

I also wanted to share with you a great homeschool blog I have been enjoying lately. is the blog of a homeschool mama who is full of great ideas!  I especially like her Teaching the Months of the Year post which includes free printable worksheets.  She also a great post on Techniques for Studying Spelling Words.  
Understanding Centuries is another great post which also includes free worksheets.  I m telling you there are a ton of wonderful, unique resources at this blog!  I recommend you start with the Most Popular Posts listed on the right hand side bar.

I hope you enjoy this week’s freebies!

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. SchoolinMama said,

    J –

    Thanks so much for all your info! I have visited the 5j's site before, and she is great. I just printed a freezer recipe from her the other day, and my hubby had just asked about the kiddos learning/knowing the months better! I also like her blog that she does with some other ladies. I'm so glad you're back helping TOS with the freebies 😉

    And I am also glad that you're willing to send your full posts by e-mail instead of "making" us come to your blog to read them all! I suppose you don't get as many comments that way, but I sure do appreciate it!

    Be blessed,

  2. Anonymous said,

    Thanks SO much for those links. I'm putting some games together right now for my preschooler. I think he's going to LOVE them!

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