Freebie Friday Oct. 2, 2009 Teaching with Cereal Boxes

October 2, 2009 at 8:57 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to Freebie Friday! 

At the craft store the other day a lady had made a scrapbook about her life using a Life cereal box.  It got me thinking what a cute way that would be to make a memory book for my Kindergarten student this year.  I know, it sounds kind of weird. But, honestly I save all the cardboard from our cereal boxes.  As soon as they are empty I cut them down so they lay flat and save the big pieces.  You never know when you are going to need a free piece of cardboard!  The kids are always using them for crafts, making their own board games, puzzles, etc.  I find myself using them too and I have learned over the years that they can be made into all sorts of educational items.  So this week we are going to talk about cereal boxes as educational material. has an interesting article about using the words on cereal box to make story starters at the breakfast table.  What a fun way to start the day! has simple instructions of making cereal boxes into puzzles for your preschoolers.  My kids have adapted this to make all kinds of creative puzzles by creating their own artwork on the back side of the box.

Texas Speech Communication Online has an interesting activity for older students called The Breakfast of Champions: Teaching Audience Analysis Using Cereal Boxes.  In this lesson kids will learn how to analysis a cereal box to learn more about the audience the box is aimed at. That is certainly thinking outside the box!

Building a Better Cereal Box will teach kids that there is more to a cereal box than meets the eye.  This is a great fun lesson on volume that your children will remember each time they pour a bowl of cereal! gives us A Dozen Ways to Recycle a Cereal Box! Several of them fit into our educational theme including making a journal, magnetic bookmarks and making a puppet theater!

Repurposeful offers 7 ways to recycle a cereal box.  My favorite from this site was her giant building block idea!

How about some new shoes? has a neat idea for making a pair of sandals from a cereal box.  My daughter will LOVE this one!

Another great project from Family Fun is making a cereal box tote bag!  What a great way to tote your schoolwork around!  You will find those instructions here.

How about a little something for mom or grandma? has great instructions on making your own cereal box planner!  It is not only practical, but very pretty too!

Now for a few cereal box freebies from me!

Here is a post I wrote about making your own Math Games.  All of these could be made on the backs of cereal boxes!

This post is one of my favorite uses for cereal boxes!  You can use a simple cereal box to make organizers for those little books that are never easy to find!

Just for fun I thought I would share one of my favorite recipe that includes cereal!  You have to do something with all that cereal so you can get to the box!

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s freebies!

Happy Homeschooling,


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