First Thanksgiving Dinner

November 11, 2009 at 9:33 am (Uncategorized)

This Friday our homeschool group is having a First Thanksgiving Dinner.  I am SO excited because this is something I have wanted to do with my kids for years!  As you can see above my littles are ready to go!  My little man is SO, SO excited about getting to dress up as an Indian! (Can you tell from the picture?)

So here is the plan for the dinner. 

Everyone has been invited to come dressed as either an Indian or a Pilgrim.  For kids who don’t come dressed we will provide either a Pilgrim hat or Indian headband made from felt.  (If all the kids come dressed the mom’s will get to wear the hats we provide!)

Here are the instructions for the hats we will be providing:

Boys Pilgrim Hat:

Girl Pilgrim Hat:

Indian Headband:

Each family has also been asked to bring a food that would have been eaten at the first Thanksgiving.  Here are the suggested menu items:

turkey, lobster, goose, deer, clams, fish, pumpkin, onions, corn bread, berries, nuts, corn, peas, beans

We will also be eating without forks for pepper because those were not used at the first Thanksgiving.  (Spoons and knives were used and pepper was cooked into food but not used on the table.)  Desserts will be served right along with the other food, not at the end of the meal because that is how it was done in the 1600’s.  Of course their desserts would not have been sweet since they didn’t have sugar! (I am betting our pies will have sugar!  LOL)

We will also be playing traditional games…

Duck Duck Goose, Marbles, Tag, Relay Races, Nine Men’s Morris, and Fox and Geese

I am also hoping to have the kids make a Wampanoag Toss and Catch Game to take home and play with.  Yesterday I spent the day making 72 hats so if I can catch my breath after that I will work on collecting the materials for these. 

It’s going to be a great day!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. SandInMyPocket said,

    I'm always blown away by your creativity. If we have children I'm so coming to you for fun ideas!

  2. abundantlyblessedtoo said,

    Did you purchase patterns for your children's costumes, did you find, or create them yourself? Our group is having a Thanksgiving Feast on the 21st and some are wearing costumes but needed a little help. I'm especially interested in the Indian costume. I found this for the pilgrim costumes.

  3. jaminacema said,

    Here are some ideas I posted to our homeschool groups Yahoo site for easy ideas for the kids costumes.

    Boy Pilgrims can come in black dress pants and a white shirt. If you have a
    black shirt you could make a white collar out of white felt.

    Girl Pilgrims can wear a black skirt and shirt and then a white apron and
    collar. You can make a simple white apron using a tea towel. We made these
    at American Girl Club this year and the girls sewed them.

    For an Indian you can tea stain a white t-shirt and them cut the bottom and
    sleeves into fringe. A couple of the girls had these when we studied Kaya in
    American Girl Club and they were adorable! You can see a picture here.

    If you want to buy costumes I bought both the Pilgrim and Indian Costume at
    Party City. They were $24.95 each. I did have to ask for them and they
    brought them out of the back room.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Momrod said,

    WOW!!! THAT is awesome!!!! Y'all have fun!


  5. blessedmoma said,

    So cute! And thanks for all the great ideas you share with us! You're Brilliant!

  6. Anonymous said,

    Every year we put on a small play here for Thanksgiving! We have never eaten an authentic meal though…I don't think my hubby and the kids would be as excited as I would be, but I love your costumes! They look amazing!

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