American Girl Christmas Party

December 4, 2009 at 8:54 am (Uncategorized)

My daughter and I hosted a Christmas Party for our American Girl Club Tuesday night.  It was FUN having all the girls and their mom’s over to our new house.  It feels a little more like home now that we have had so many great friends here!

Here are my daughter and I all ready for the party to start!

To keep things simplke for me we asked for each family to bring a dessert or finger food to share and one wrapped ornament for each person attending.

Here are all the pretty girls as they arrived at the party.

To keep the girls busy while we were waiting for everyone to arrive we played a little game.  I had pre-written name tags with the names of all the historical American Girls.  (Addy, Felicity, Josefina, Julie, Kaya, Kirsten, Kit, Molly, Rebecca and Samantha.)  As the girls came in I put a name tag on their back without them seeing it.  Then they had to go to the other girls and ask them questions that could only be answered with Yes and No to try and figure out who they were.  Since we are still working our way through the books I also made a poster with the name, year that the historical girls stories take place and one other piece of info about each girl. 

Here is what my poster had on it.

  • Addy 1864 Civil War
  • Felicity 1774 Revolutionary War
  • Josefina 1824 New Mexico
  • Julie 1976 San Francisco
  • Kaya 1764 Nez Perce
  • Kirsten 1854 Pioneer
  • Kit 1934 Great Depression
  • Molly 1944 WWII
  • Rebecca 1914 New Your City
  • Samantha 1904 Industrial Revolution

After each girl figured out who they were they came to me and I gave them a piece of candy.  This worked really well to keep everyone busy and entertained during the arrival time 

Once we were all here I had another game for the girls.  This was my daughters idea.  (She said she played it at a birthday party in Las Vegas.)  We had all the girls sit in a circle.  I had wrapped 4 gifts with 8 to 12 layers on each gift.  (Yes this took FOREVER!  LOL)  Mixed into the layers I also put 3 post-it notes per gift that said something like…Give to someone wearing pink. Give someone wearing glasses.  etc.  The game was played by unwrapping one layer of paper and then passing the gift to the right, unless there was a note telling them to pass it somewhere else.  With 4 gifts for 18 girls everyone got to open a layer, or two.  The 4 girls who took off the last layers got to keep the gifts.  For the gifts I had gotten some neat American Girl Pop-up books at Borders and some American Girl stickers at Michaels. 

Here they are just starting to open all the layers.

And here is the BIG pile of paper towards the end of the unwrapping!

After we cleaned up all the paper if was time to swap the ornaments we all had brought.  I wanted to make this into a game too.  Luckily I found this FUN idea online to swap gifts.  What you do is write a story to be read aloud that has the words RIGHT and LEFT used over and over.  Everyone sits in a circle and holds a gift.  As they listen to the story they have to pass the gifts RIGHT and LEFT when they hear those words.  Here is the story I made up:

Once upon a time there was a wonderful group of American girls who LEFT their homes every Tuesday night to go RIGHT to American Girl Club.  The first time they LEFT their homes they LEFT on a beautiful warm Fall evening.  After getting RIGHT to American Girl Club all the girls met each other and it was all RIGHT!  Soon they got RIGHT to learning History together.  They were happy that their mom’s where RIGHT there with them and had not LEFT them somewhere to learn History alone.

Week after week the girls LEFT their homes to get RIGHT together.  Each week they got RIGHT to discussing the stories and they LEFT having learned a little more history.  The crafts LEFT no one disappointed and the activities they did together were just RIGHT!

The club started with Samantha and went RIGHT to Kaya.  Then they went RIGHT to Felicity and that LEFT Josefina. Next they will go RIGHT to Kirsten!

The best part of all is that the girls have friends to the LEFT and the RIGHT of them and both the mom’s and the girls have become the RIGHT kind of friends!

Thank you God for bringing these awesome girls and mom’s RIGHT together!

Now, all that is LEFT to do is open your gifts!

(I got the idea HERE. )

This was VERY fun and there were a lot of sweet giggles from the girls as they watched the gifts go around. 

Next we got to EAT!!!

After eating we played one more game.  Believe it or not I Googled "American Girl Bingo" and found free printable bingo cards! I printed them out and we used marshmallows as our markers.  We played several rounds.  I started out calling out the names of the American Girls.  Then I did the years they lived.  Then I did a basic fact about each.  After each round the winners got a piece of candy.  The girls had a lot of fun playing Bingo!

Here are the girls playing American Girl Bingo!

At the end of the night I had a little goody bag for each of them.  I wanted to have a Swedish theme to the party since we are studying Kirsten next.  So I went to IKEA and got the napkins, candles and little paper cones to use for the goody bags.  In the cones each girl got 2 little Swedish straw ornaments, candy, and eraser and pencil. 

You can see the cones in the picture below behind my daughter.  (Doesn’t she look cute in her new Christmas dress?)

After all the games and activities I had planned were over the girls wen in the family roomand played duck-duck-goose. 

It was a very fun night and a great start to the Christmas season!


Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Dana @ School For Us said,

    What a wonderful party! And, it looks like a great group of girls!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Wow, your daughter looks SO GROWN UP in that beautiful picture of her in the Christmas dress! And what a great idea for a Christmas party! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kayluray said,

    What a great party! I found your blog doing a web search for American Girl stuff to do for Christmas with my daughter and a group of her friends. Your ideas are fantastic. Thanks for sharing the Bingo game, too.

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