Planning for Kirsten

December 11, 2009 at 8:34 am (Uncategorized)

Now that I have my posts written about Josefina I can start thinking about Kirsten!  We won’t start meeting again for American Girl until January.  But, I am determined to have everything planned out and prepped before we start this time!

So here is the plan!


1. Patchwork Pillow
2. Bunny Pincushion
3. Quilted Potholder
4. Yarn Doll
5. chromatrope toy and Geography Notebook Pages
6. Midsummers Wreath

Ongoing craft:

Braided Rugs


1. Swedish Meatballs
2. Swedish Crackers with Lingonberry Jam
3. Swedish Rice Porridge (Skansk Grot)
4. Rye Bread and homemade butter. (Have girls make the butter in a jar.)
5. Potato Soup
6. Pepparkakor Cookies

Whew, so there is the plan!  Now for the shopping and cutting and prepping.  Then I am ready to go!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. 4 is crazy said,

    We made the chromotrope toy in grad school using a button and string. Even kindergarteners were able to play it. Have fun, we will be following along.

  2. Kayluray said,

    It is so good to be prepared. It helps the classes to go so much smoother. I'm eager to check back in January to see your posts on the Kirsten classes.

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