Pretzel Log Cabin

January 11, 2010 at 7:42 am (Uncategorized)

Since we are studying Kirsten for the next 6 weeks in American Girl Club I decided to extend our study to include both of the littles.  To get started I had the littles make a little Log Cabin our of pretzels and chocolate frosting while I was reading from Little House in the Big Woods.  They LOVED it!  Especially my youngest.

Here they are just getting started…

Hey, this is fun and yummy!

The finished product…

And the finished product with it’s happy creators….

I think they did a great job!  The only thing I did was sprinkle the (green sugar) grass around the yard. 

Funny story….While they were working on the log cabin my little man leans over to his sister and whispers "Where does Mom get all these ideas?"  My daughter kind of shrugged her shoulders and said "I don’t know."  He pauses then he whispers again "Do you think maybe she is a robot?"  ROFL!  What a hoot!  Nobody tell my littles man, but I have to confess, I got the idea HERE


Happy Homeschooling,




  1. said,

    🙂 At least you are a smart, creative robot. lol

  2. abundantlyblessedtoo said,

    I'm glad you included the pictures because I was imagining pretzel rods instead of pretzel sticks. AND I was also imagining it without anything behind it for support… my mind it was definitely an older child's craft. LOL

  3. Valerie said,

    I love the idea and I ditto the other comment. (Thanks for including the pics). I too was imagining the big pretzel sticks and no support. My kids loved the pics and thing your kid's did an awesome job and you did good with the green sprinkles too. 😀

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