Pioneer Times Study

January 15, 2010 at 9:17 am (Uncategorized)

Since we are reading the Kirsten Series and the Little House series I wanted to find some activities to go along with them.  There are sooooooooooooooooo many possibilities that I just started compiling my own wish list.  Here is my VERY ambitious list of things I would LOVE to do with the kids while we are studying Pioneer times.  :^)

Pioneer Times Study

Do a Venn Diagram that compare – 1600’s Pilgrims – 1800 Pioneers  – 2000 US!

Have a Pioneer Party and Frontier Feast! Prepare authentic foods Pioneer times including  pancakes, maple cakes, oatmeal, sandwiches, popcorn balls and fresh cold milk! Play pioneer games like Hide the Thimble, checkers, marbles and hopscotch!

Listen to “the fiddle” and dance! (Done:^)

Little House in the Big Woods Lapbook This FREE lapbook is awesome and includes a day by bay guide of things to do to go along with the story.  Lots of fun things like making butter, dissecting an owl pellet and more! We will be doing many of these activities too!

Little House on the Prairie Lapbook

Make a milk carton Conestoga Wagon!

Make dipped candles

Make Butter

Make Maple Candy

Put together a Little House Timeline

Grandma’s Quilt Paper Piecing Craft

Read Pioneer School Letter from Amanda

Q is for Quilt Coloring Page

One Room Schoolhouse Craft

Printable templates to create our own Pioneer town. (Super cool!  My kids will LOVE this one!)

Make a pioneer boys hat!

Read the One, Two, Three of Pioneer Life A Counting Book

Color a picture of Jack the dog. (A bulldog :^)

Cook some Pioneer recipes!


Read Rules for Teachers

Like I said it’s ambitious!  LOL I honestly don’t know how long we will spend on this study.  So far both of the kids LOVE the first book we are reading.  If they continue to stay interested we may read the whole series.  Oh, and we have borrowed the first season of the Little House TV series from a friend.  So at some point we will start watching those too.

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. said,

    k, it may be inappropriate and unwelcomed, but i'm moving in! there's just too much fun learning going on to resist!!


  2. momma24blessings said,

    Oh, wow! From one Little House fan to another, THANK YOU so much for the lapbook link!

    My little Hummingbird is going to love this!

    Thanks again,
    Lisa @ "Isn't Normal Just a Setting on the Washer?"

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