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January 25, 2010 at 8:40 am (Uncategorized)

Waaaayyyyy back in October I taught a "How To Begin Lapbooking" class for the kids in our homeschool group.  I have 30ish kids on a waiting list for another one I hope to teach in March or April.  So I decided I better write down what I can remember about the first one I taught before I forget it all! 

We started out with all the kids in one room having a brainstorming session.  The age range was from 3 to 15 so we had a wide variety of ideas.  I started out showing them a lapbooks of different levels my kids have made.  After I had showed them lapbooks for all ages I had them start to define what a lapbook is. 

Here is what they came up with:

A way to record information
A learning tool
A way to review
A way to "show off" what you have learned
A way to have FUN learning!

Next they all took turns throwing our ideas for lapbooks.  Here is what they came up with:

National Parks
Black Holes

Once we had a good list of topics we picked on to further investigate. They chose horses.  Then we brainstormed about booklets we could make to learn about horses.  Here is what they came up with.

  • Work horse do
  • Types of horse
  • Unique features
  • How to care for them
  • What do they eat
  • How to ride them
  • History of Horse Medicine
  • How they act
  • Horses uses in History
  • Wild Horses
  • How they came to the USA
  • Effect on the Native people of the USA

I wrote everything on the board as the kids came up with the ideas.  You can see that here:

I also talked a little about the RULES of lapbooking.  What are the rules?  THERE ARE NONE!  The kids really like this!  I told them that this was a tool for them to use to learn things.  They could do it any way that they and their mom’s agreed would work.  There is no right and wrong way to do it which is what I love best about lapbooking!

I also gave them some basic tips.  Like what supplies to have on hand.

(folders, paper, scissors, pencils, markers, stapler, paper brads, glue sticks)

After our brainstorming session we spent some time putting together a lapbook for them to go home and fill in later with the topic of their choice.

We made 7 different mini-books that I got the templates for from Here is the page with all their blank templates. the ones we used were the Matchbook – regular, Flip Flap with 3 Flaps, Octagon Shaped Fan – skinny, According Book Octagon Shaped Fat, Wheel Book 4 Divisions, Triangle Fold, Interlock medium size.

Here are a few of the girls putting their lapbook together.

Since we had 40 kids in the class I would have gone broke printing all these.  So what I did is print one to use as a template. Then two of the mom’s graciously pre-cut 40 copies of each out of construction paper for us.  (Except the
Wheel Book 4 Divisions.  That one I printed 40 copies of since I think it’s more likely to line up and work if you use a printable.)  This worked really well because this way all the kids had each of the booklets in a different color.  I could say "Get out your pink piece of paper."  and we were all working on the same booklet. 

Basically I had them fold their red folders and then we went through the booklets one color at a time and put them all together.  I also gave each of them a ziploc bag to take home the booklets in so they could fill them in before they glue them into the lapbook. 

Another shot of the kids working on their lapbooks.  :^)

It was a lot of fun and I am very happy to report that we have A LOT of families in our homeschool group now that are loving lapbooking!  I love hearing about the lapbooks being made when we all get together. 

I am looking forward to teaching this again soon!

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. Momrod said,

    Oh my goodness, if you aren't too far from me I would LOVE to attend one of these. I have been trying to get into lapbooking for the past 3 years and for some reason I still have such trouble coming up with my own stuff. Sounds like your waiting list is already too full, but please put me on the next one?


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