Going To Town – Little House in the Big Woods

February 2, 2010 at 8:06 am (Uncategorized)

From Little House in the Big Woods – Chapter 10 – Going to Town…..

Pa stopped the horses, and turned around on the wagon seat. He pointed ahead with his whip.

"There you are, Laura and Mary!" he said, "There’s the town of Pepin."

Laura stood up on the board and Pa held her safe by the arm, so she could see the town.  When she saw it, she could barely breath. She knew how Yankee Doodle felt, when he could not see the town because there were so many houses. 

Right on the edge of the lake, there was one great building.  That was the store, Pa told her.  It was not made of logs.  It was made of wide gray boards, running up and down. The sand spread all around it.

Behind the store there was a clearing, larger than Pa’s clearing in the woods at home.  Standing among the stumps, there were more houses than Laura could count. They were not made of logs either, they were made of boards, like the store.

Laura had never imagined so many houses, and they were so close together. Of course, they were much smaller than the store. One of them was made of new boards that had not had time to get gray; it was the yellow color of newly-cut wood…..

……."Well, that is Pepin" Pa said.

On the back row we have the blacksmith, church and one room school.  On the lake is the general store.  The 2 rows toward the front are the houses. (As you can see by the one house that is crooked we left the buildings loose so the kids can move them around and play with them.)

The littles couldn’t believe that the girls had NEVER been to town before and had NEVER seen a store before!  We had fun figuring out what places we go are about 7 miles from our house.  (Which is the distance the Ingall’s lived from town.)  Then when we finished our town they tried to figure out where in our house they needed to put our pretzel log cabin to make it the equivalent of 7 miles from our town! :^)

You will find the free printables to make your own pioneer town at http://www.hoover.archives.gov/LIW/pioneertown/activities_pioneertown.html

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P.S. Just to show that they are indeed playing with their little town…



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  1. jolenecmom said,

    I love it. I especially love how you incorporated the Lego men into it. Very clever. Well done kiddo's

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