Chore Changes

February 4, 2010 at 7:17 am (Uncategorized)

Last month the theme of our monthly homeschool meeting was organizing.  One of the more organized mom’s spoke and gave us all some great ideas.  We also went around the room and each person shared a organizational tip that works for their family.  This was a very well received meeting and it inspired me to make some changes in how our family does chores and keeps the house clean and organized.

For the first time ever my kids have an actual chore chart and I think we can stick to it!
It’s very, very simple.

Here is what we are doing.


15 yo son dishes – M-W-F- Sunday

8 yo daughter dishes – T- Th- Sat.


Mom – Monday

15 yo son – Tuesday

8 yo daughter- Wed.

6 yo son- Thursday

Dad – Friday

Household stuff – Sat. Sun.

Chore Sticks:

15 yo son -2 per day

8 yo daughter -1 per day

6 yo son – 1 per day

Tidy Up:

Everyone – Daily as needed.

Clean Your Room:

Everyone – Saturday

Honestly in the past our system has pretty much been "Just do whatever I tell you when I tell you." method. So this is WAY more structure than what we have had before! My oldest son did do all the dishes. He has been doing that since he was 9. Part of the inspiration for this change is that my second oldest will be turning 9 this month, so I decided it was time to split the job between them.

Before this new schedule the littles jobs were:

8 yo – keep downstairs picked up.
6 yo – clean off the table and bring all dishes to the kitchen & pick up all shoes and put them in cubbies in the garage.

They also had to do tidy ups as needed and clean their rooms and do whatever chores I said. (It was all kinds scattered and left lots of room for arguing! LOL)

I posted about the chore stick months ago, but I never got around to implementing them.  This
is an idea I stole from my grown niece that has kids my little ones ages. I took craft sticks (The big ones that are like tongue depressors.) and wrote 20 chores that need to be
done each week.

Here are the jobs:

Vacuum upstairs

Vacuum stairs

Sweep and mop downstairs

Clean downstairs bathroom

Clean upstairs bathroom

Wipe upstairs woodwork

Wipe downstairs woodwork

Dust upstairs

Dust downstairs

Clean all trash out of car

Clean front and back door windows. (Dogs nose makes them messy on a weekly

Tidy Pantry

Tidy Laundry Room & wipe down washer and dryer

Clean all mirrors

Clean out fridge

Sweep front walk way

Tidy up back yard

Vacuum sofas (We have futons so the stuff doesn’t fall through like it does on sofas!)

Empty all trash cans

Wipe down all kitchen counters (Moving everything and cleaning behind it.)

Each day my oldest draws 2 chore sticks and my littles draw one. I obviously have to help the 6 year old with most of his tasks. (Yesterday he got sweep and mop downstairs. The biggest job IMO. So he and I did it together.) The kids balked at first, but now that we have done it for a few days they seem to like it. They like knowing what is expected of them instead of me just yelling out orders all day! LOL The randomness of this seems to take the arguing element out too.

Having everyone be responsible for there own laundry is a new thing for us. I have struggled for years with how to get the kids doing their laundry without us fighting over the machines. I am SO glad I asked one of the mom’s at the meeting how she handles this.  The answer was SO simple!  Give everyone a day of the week to do their laundry! Brilliant! I caught up mine and the household stuff Monday and I can’t believe I don’t have to do anymore laundry until the weekend! Whoo hooo! (Okay, I will have to help my 6 yo today, but helping one 6 yo with laundry as opposed to doing it all is a cake walk!) My husband gets Fridays because he has every other Friday off and he can go into Saturday and Sunday of he needs to. He doesn’t like me doing his laundry. (I turned his whites pink a few times and I got fired! Oh, and there was the "sparkly shirt incident" of 2002. LOL After 20 years of marriage both know it’s best for me NOT to touch his clothes. ;^)

One thing that has been an invaluable tool in all this transition to new responsibilities for the kids are the Clean ‘N’ Flips from Trigger Memory Systems!  I have been using "Laundry for Kids" and "The Zone Cleaning for Kids" to train my kids how to do the laundry and clean the kitchen and bathrooms.  There is something about having a little flip book to hand them that makes the lessons a lot more interesting!  I like that I don’t have to think about what I need to tell them. (And did I forget anything!) Not only that I really like that they can keep the Clean ‘N’ Flips handy to refer back to if they need to be reminded how to do the jobs.  These are working out great!

The really great thing about this new system is that all 3 kids are learning how to do everything!  So instead of just "getting the chores done."  They are all actually getting trained how to take care of the house!  Hopefully my future son-in-law and daughters-in-law will love me for that! ;^)

So it’s Thursday and my house is looking better than ever!  No one feels over worked and I am not doing it all myself!  WHOOO HOOO!!! I am thinking we may finally have a system that works!

Happy Homeschooling,


If you are interested purchasing the Flip ‘N’ Clean products click on the graphic below.

To read my review on the Clean ‘N’ Flip Bedroom Cleaning for Kids Click HERE.



  1. Anonymous said,

    Love your ideas. I was think about this again, changing things around.


  2. AthaSchool1 said,

    Lots of info on a topic I've been thinking on myself. Need to redo how we do chores in our house! Thanks for the good post!


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