Mad Science at My House!

February 11, 2010 at 7:00 am (Uncategorized)

Well, our Mad Science Kid’s Day went so well we decided to have some additional classes at my house!  My youngest son has really, really been wanting a class that he can attend on a regular basis.  Last year he had his Preschool ABC Class, but this year nothing has worked out for him.  So I talked with Mad Science and we were able to set up 8 more classes throughout the end of the school year!  This is for a much smaller group than what we did for our Kid’s Day.  We have 17 kids ages 6 and up who will be coming over the first and 3rd Friday of the month.  The first of the 8 classes was called Watt’s Up and we learned all about electricity.

Here is our class of kids ready to begin!

The first experiments was with static electricity.  The kids rubbed balloons on their heads and then they held it over this little beaker with metal ball on top.  If they got a good charge on the balloon the little metal ball would jump!

Here is the teacher showing them how it works.

Some of the mom’s got in on the experiment too!

The next experiment they used the same balloons to attract pepper that is mixed with salt onto their balloon.

My teenager is one of 2 teen helpers in the class.

I am so blessed that my oldest is such a good sport and loves hanging out and helping the younger kids! (Looks like he enjoyed this experiment too!)

Here you can see how great our teacher is!  She was so excited and dynamic!  It was fun just to watch her!

The next experiment was with the Van de Graaff generator.  One of the cool things about having these classes through Mad Science is the kids get hands on use of cool equipment!

Here is the teacher making lightening with the generator!

Here is my son taking his turn getting electricity run through him!  LOL  You can see his hair standing a little bit in the back.

At the end of the class the teacher had a review time with the kids.  I love how she interacted with the kids.

And in case you were wondering what the little siblings were up too…Here is a pic of some of the mom’s and kids hanging out in the family room,  We have about 35 people in the house in all!
Watt’s Up was a blast can’t wait for the rest of the classes!

Harnessing Heat
Lights Color Action
Magnetic Magic
Optical Illusions
Sonic Sounds
Tantalizing Taste

Happy Homeschooling,



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  1. Anonymous said,

    Wow, That looked like fun!!!! You organize the coolest classes. It was great to see your older son again, Most of your recent posts have been about what is going on with the littles.
    Enjoy your blog!

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