Haitian Creation Purse Party Fundraiser

February 15, 2010 at 7:39 am (Uncategorized)

First off I wanted to post an update on my 2 friends who were personally effected by the earthquake in Haiti.

First off my friend R******* has evacuated to the United States with her 2 children.  This was a very difficult decision for her, but the right one.  Her husband remains in Haiti running the school they both worked at, which is now a hospital. Please pray for this family.  They have been through a lot since the earthquake and being apart is hard.  (I speak from experience since my husband and I were apart over a year when we moved from Las Vegas due to not being able to sell our home.)  Add on top of this the trauma of the earthquake, losing so many people they loved and leaving the place they have chosen to live as missionaries.  It’s A LOT to handle!

Also, our friends who were adopting the 2 children from Haiti now have them HOME!  It was quite and adventure with much stress for all involved.  But, they have been in the USA about 10 days now!  They are all adjusting well, learning to communicate and loving every minute of it!  Thank you for your prayers for this family too!

Now about that purse party!  My friend R******* let me know about an ministry in Haiti that helps women and children.  One of the ways they do this is by training women to sew purses and then selling them through purse parties in the USA.  ALL of the money raised by having a purse party goes directly to Haiti!  Right now half of the money goes to the women who sew them and half go to the relief efforts.  This is something fun and easy that any of us can do to raise money for Haiti!  I signed up and got my bags in the mail last week.  They are GORGEOUS!  My daughter and I had a hard time picking which ones we wanted, because we wanted them ALL! 

These are the ones we finally selected.
This is what the boys in our house are buying us for our birthdays this month!

If you are interested in raising money for Haiti I encourage you to have a purse party.  It doesn’t cost you a thing.  You get to have a PARTY with your friends and you will be helping with the relief efforts and blessing mom’s in Haiti!  This has been a great way to get my kids involved in raising money for Haiti.  They are so excited to tell everyone about the party and they can’t wait to see how many we sell! 

You can learn more about this ministry HERE.

And if you don’t want to have a party you can still help by buying a bag for yourself!  You can shop online HERE.

Happy Homeschooling,



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