Ancient China Lapbook

March 12, 2010 at 5:40 am (Uncategorized)

Today our homeschool group is hosting Soups Around the World for our monthly Kid’s Day.  We will be having 6 tables with soup and information from 6 different locations. Alaska, Africa, Hawaii, China, Italy and Mexico.  (More info to come later!) We are part of the China table so I thought I would have the kids do a Ancient China Lapbook to display on our table. 

Here it is….
We used 2 sets of resources for this lapbook.  I copied the China pages from a book we have called History Pockets – Ancient Civilizations and we used a few of the free printables from Homeschool Helper Online. I decided to go with Ancient China to make the lapbook manageable.  There is just SO much information on China we could have filled a dozen lapbooks if we wanted to! 

But, here is what we did…

Folder #1 has kites we designed, Chinese Lanterns we made with the numbers 1 to 10 on them in Mandarin, a Dancing Dragon Puppet that has info on the dragon dance, and some vocabulary words from Ancient China.  (calligraphy, chopsticks, peasant and emperor)

This section has a picture of a women in a traditional outfit, info on The Great Wall of China and a little booklet with a few facts about current day China.  (The only current day info we have in the lapbook. I just wanted to kids to see how amazingly big China is today!)

In this part the kids wanted to draw some pictures of their favorite things about China.  My daughter did a Panda, the Great Wall and a China Flag.  My youngest drew pictures of his favorite Chinese food…rice, chow mein and orange chicken.  He also drew the Great Wall.  Each of the kids also made a full size page of the China flag. (HERE is how we added the clear page protectors to our lapbook.)

Here we have a little booklet on Chinese food, Chinese animals, a map of China and postcards from ancient China.  The postcards are written like the kids went to Ancient China and wrote a friend to tell them about it.  :^) (The map below is from HERE.)

So that wraps up our China lapbook! We are SUPER excited to share it with our friends today!

Happy Homeschooling,




  1. Anonymous said,

    I use the Evan Moor books in our lapbooks, too. This sounds like a great day. Of course in our hs group, food is always a great plan.

  2. Jimmie said,

    A topic close to my heart! Nice lapbook, Jamin.

  3. Jessy said,

    …put the clear plastic sleeves into your lapbooks? I see that they are attached by yarn, but to what?

  4. Jessy said,

    …I missed the HOW on the post about adding page protector pages! So sorry! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a message about finding the answer!

  5. jaminacema said,

    You didn't miss it. I added it after you and a couple other people asked. :^)

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