Soups Around the World!

March 15, 2010 at 8:21 am (Uncategorized)

Our much anticipated Soups Around the World Kid’s Day was last Friday and it was a BLAST! 

Here is a summary with LOTS of pictures!

We were part of the China table.  Here are my littles with two of their friends who are from China.

Our whole China group.

Love, love, love her  and her outfit and jade necklace!

A few things from China on our table.  A Chinese paper cut, fan and a piece of the Great Wall.
I can’t believe that the ONLY display I forgot to get a clear picture of was our China one!  The kids did such a great job putting it together.  Many of the items we had displayed on it where from the China Learning Kit we got from Jimmie last year. It was really fun for them to have so many real things from China to share with their friends. What we did was split the items between the kids and then have each of them write a little bit about that item.  So we had info on the flag, pandas, paper cuts, and red  money envelopes right along with the actual items.  Then we had a lot of other items on the table.  One of the family in our group has been to China twice, so they had GREAT things to share!

Trying out Egg Drop Soup at the China table.

One of the members of our group passing out lucky red money envelopes to the kids who came to our table.

Next we have Africa!
This group did a great job of representing a whole Continent!  They had info on Nigeria, Madagascar and Egypt .  Plus they had info on Missionaries to Africa and LOTS more! They also had a great soup that was a sort of corn chowder.  YUM!

One of the girls wore a outfit from Nigeria.

Hawaii had a lot of fun information and a great soup!  The soup was a pumpkin pineapple soup served with whipped cream mixed in.  It was warm/cool and sweet and yummy!  Very different than anything I have every tasted before and it was WONDERFUL!

Alaska had lots of fun info I didn’t know before and a great fish soup.  One thing I really loved was the map in the middle of the board that has Alaska superimposed over the USA to show how BIG it is.  We always see it reduced at the bottom of a map to make it fit in.  This really gave us a good idea of how BIG Alaska is!

Here are some of the kids checking out the Alaska and Hawaii tables.  Each table had a soup and a stamp for the kids passports.  The kids were given a passport when they arrived to get stamped at every table.  They really enjoyed that!

Welcome to Mexico!
The Mexico table had a lot of great hands on things.  Like a relief map, paper flowers, and a Aztec Temple made of Legos.

A few of the kids learning about Mexico!

There was also corn to grind by hand!

Italy did a great job and I wish I had gotten better pics.  They had all the kids make different things in Italy in Mosaic.  They were on the front of the table.  You can also see a little of the Leaning Tower of Piza they made in this pic near the bottom. :^) They had a lot of info on the famous people of Italy and the food of Italy.  There soup was YUMMY too!

Here is a shot of all the people who came in costumes from their locations.  From left to right we have Nigeria, Mexico, Hawaii, China (Including a dragon who led our Dragon Dance for China! LOL), and Egypt. (Egypt is wearing a belly dancing hip scarf.)

After about an hour of traveling from table to table we all met together for each group to give a presentation.

We started with Africa…

Mexico went next…

Italy was 3rd…

Alaska was next…

5th was Hawaii…
I was so proud of all the kids.  Almost every single one of them got up front and presented something to the group.  Even the littlest ones took a turn holding up a picture they had drawn and told the group about it.  It was a neat experience for all of us!

Our China group went last because our presentation was going to wind the audience up….We started out with a couple of the girls reading reports about the history and origins of the Dragon Dance. Then 2 of the girls showed a short video of a Dragon Dance Parade and talked about the parade.  (Almost all the kids in our group had gone to a Dragon Parade this year for Chinese New Year.)
Then we had a demonstration of a blooming Jasmine tea

Cool! (And it was very tasty too!  I LOVE tea and am going to have to get some of this for our next tea party.)

Then we finished off with our own Dragon Dance Parade!

Yep, I think they are having fun learning!

No Dragon Dance Parade would be complete without a drummer!

The procession continues down the halls and through the rooms!
We finally made our way back to the room we started in. That was the end of our fun day!  The kids and parents had a great time!  I know that this was one of my little ones favorite Kid’s Days we have had.  We will have to see what we can come up with next year to top this one!

Happy Homeschooling,


Click HERE to read about our Ancient China Lapbook we made.
Click HERE to read about our Dragon Parade Puppets!


  1. Angie F said,

    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog!!! I wish my kids could be a part of such a great homeschool group! We don't know many other homeschoolers and the ones we do know are not real close to us! 😦 Anyway, I enjoy seeing what you are doing and it inspires me as I teach my kids! Thank you! Keep up the great work and please keep sharing with us! 🙂

  2. Cara Riggles said,

    I just had to comment about all the great pics in this post! We participate in a local group that has International Night every other fall (even years) and it is coming up again this year. I am looking forward to it and will feature the Ukraine since we have friends who are missionaries there. They have given us a lot of neat things over the years. In '04, we featured Japan because we lived there for 3 years.

    The same group just had an Art Fair last week and I took lots of pictures. I've been meaning to post them on my homeschool blog because reading your blog always inspires me to do more with my own blog. :o) (I publish two blogs and a web site, but tend to focus more on my frugal living blog. I need to devote more time to the homeschool side of things.)

    By the way, my oldest child was born in Alaska and my youngest was born in Hawaii. DH & I honeymooned in Cancun. And looking at the China pictures reminded me of Japan. Viewing your pics was a trip down memory lane. LOL!


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