Hobble Horse

March 25, 2010 at 7:03 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday I was working on making the sample craft for next week’s American Girl Club.  My daughter came by and said "Is that a Hobble Horse?"  I said "It’s called a Hobby Horse."  "Oh, HOBBY"  she replied "Like my hobby is beading and your hobby is being a mom?"  LOL

Yeah, like that! 

Here is my little man trying out the one I made.

Here are the directions to make your own Hobble/Hobby Horse.  :^)

You will need:

  • 1 one inch X 36 inch dowel
  • 1 wood cap for the bottom of the dowel. (I just tried different beads in the wood section of the craft store until I found one that fit.)
  • 1 mens crew sock (You want the kind with a built in heel.  Not a tube sock.)
  • 2 buttons for eyes
  • Yarn for mane
  • white felt for ears
  • Fiber fill to stuff the head
  • yarn needle
  • white glue
  • hot glue
  • thread and needle (To sew eyes and ears on with.)

Step 1:

Fill the sock with fiberfill up the the point of the heel.

Step 2:

Glue the wood cap on the end of the dowel.

Step 3:

Insert the end of the dowel (That doesn’t have the cap on it.) into the sock so that the dowel is resting in the heel.  Then stuff the rest of the sock with fiberfill and tie with yarn to secure to the dowel about 2 inches above the end of the sock. Hot glue the dowel rod under the loose portion of the sock and then pull that portion down and secure to the dowel.  (This will keep the head from flying off the dowel if a wild 6 year old spins it around the room.  Learned this the hard way!  LOL)

Step 4:

Sew on the button eyes.  Cut 2 triangles of white felt for the ears.  Sew the ears on.

Step 5:

Use your yarn needle to add the mane.  I sewed 3 rows of long pieces down the back.  Tie each one in a knot to secure it.

Here are a few more pictures of so you can see the details better.

The head

The mane

The ball on the end that will drag on the floor as they ride.

That is it!  Have fun riding your Hobby Horse!

Happy Homeschooling,


P.S.  Here is another use for these, other than teaching about toys from the 1800’s.  One of my friends said they made these when her daughter was little at a My Little Pony Birthday Party!  They added ribbons and barrettes to make them "girlie".  What FUN!



  1. Anonymous said,

    That is sew cute!!!!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Were doing Saddle ridge Vbs this is a perfect post I already have dowel rods! With my tax return I went to hobby lobby and picked up a few things for vbs early so I could stay on a good budget around Vbs time! I wanted to make my two and three year olds a horse to ride thru the halls! It is such a God thing you posted this! God cares about my effort to be on a good budget and the coolest teacher ever 🙂

  3. Anonymous said,

    I am loving all the American girls projects. Do you have a pre-made program or are you putting this together as you go? Do all the parents provide their own craft supplies?
    The boys book club is a great idea.
    Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  4. aprilsparrow7 said,

    Great Job!

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