Spring Break!

March 29, 2010 at 8:46 am (Uncategorized)

Whoooo Hooooo!  We are one SPRING BREAK this week!  To make things even better…my rent-a-kid is here for the week!  YAY!!!!!  The weather is suppose to be gorgeous all week and we have TONS of things planned!  So I am taking a blog Spring Break too!  I want to enjoy every minute I can with my kiddos this week!

I will leave you with pictures of what we did over the weekend…

We bought a play structure from our friends for our littles!

Here are my kids with our friends that we bought the play structure from. 
It is a Rainbow Play System and although it’s 10 years old it’s still super strong and in great shape! These are our friends that moved here from Las Vegas, so our kids have played together on this is two States!  Now it’s moved to our house.  :^) (I am glad the boys can still come visit their clubhouse! As they called it!)

Here is my little man HAPPY to be getting his "tree house", as he calls it.  (We are pretty sure "tree house" was his first word! LOL He has been wanting one of these for years!)

Here are the boys carrying the disassembled play structure board by board to our back yard.

No sense walking when dad is pushing the empty dolly!

Pieces in a heap ready to be assembled.

The littles helping dad with the assembly. (You can’t see my daughter too well, but she is behind dad helping too.)

Once the swing section was assembled dad lost his helpers…They were too busy swinging!

Here is the final masterpiece!
The kids are VERY grateful to their daddy for all the hard work he did to move this to our yard.  (And in case you are wondering…YES, my teenager did help A LOT with this project.  It’s weird that I don’t have any pics of him helping.  I think what happened is that he and I switch back and forth helping dad and I was taking pics when it was my turn to work. :^)

Okay, we are off to enjoy our Spring Break!  We will see you again after Easter.

Happy Homeschooling and have a WONDERFUL Easter!



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