American Girl Club – Addy 1864 – Week 4 and 5

April 8, 2010 at 7:49 am (Uncategorized)

Happy Birthday Addy! For week 4 of Addy we celebrated Addy’s birthday by learning about the toys and play of 1864.

We started out the night playing with Jump ropes like Addy did in book 4…

My daughter jumping!

Two girls turning the rope for one of their friends.

Then we sang happy birthday to Addy and I read the girls a Brer Rabbit story.

For our craft we made a Hobbie Horse

Girls stuffing socks to make the head.

They start to look like horses pretty quickly!

Sewing on the ears.

One of the mom’s with the horse she helped her daughter make. :^)

My daughter with her finished horse.

For snack we made our own ice cream!

In the Addy book this week Addy and her dad found an old ice cream churn and brought it home to fix up and use.  We didn’t use a ice cream churn, we made ours with ziploc bags!

Getting our bags filled…Bag 1 – ice and salt. Bag 2 (inside bag 1) milk, sugar and vanilla.



This was a BIG hit with the girls.  It just so happened it was also one of the girls in our group birthday that day.  So she  brought cupcakes to go along with our ice cream!

Now for week 5…

Book 5 takes place as the Civil War ends and Lincoln is assassinated. 

This week I read the girls the book Honest Abe’s Words.  Wow, this is an awesome book!  The pictures are beautiful and the story intermingles in quotes by Abe Lincoln to tell his life story.  There is a focus in the book on how he disapproved of slavery from his earliest days.  It is a really good read aloud!

I also shared pics with the girls that I had taken last May when we visited Ford’s Theater where Lincoln was shot and the house where he died.

Then we made spool puppets!  This was something that Addy and her friends actually made in book 5.  So I thought we should make them.  To be honest…they were a pain to make! Butk, we hung in there and ours came out very nicely.

Here is what they look like finished…

I couldn’t find any directions on how to make them.  So I just made them my own way based on the tiny picture in book 5. 

Basically here is what we did.

  1. With an approx. 2 yard piece of yarn use clear tape to make one end stiff like a shoestring for threading.
  2. Tie a BIG knot on the end that isn’t taped. (I tied it 5 times in the same spot to get it BIG enough.)  Then thread on 4 spools and tie a knot on the other end.  You need to leave a 3 inch piece of yarn in the middle of the 4 spools so you have something to tie onto for the next step. (Cut off the excess to be used in the next step.)
  3. Now fold the string in half so the knots become the feet and the spools the legs.  You should have a yarn U in the middle facing down. Tie your yarn around the middle of the yarn U and thread on one more spool.  Push the spool down toward the legs.  Hopefully you now have a little loop sticking out of the top half of the body. 
  4. Take another piece of yarn about yard long.  Then put on 1 spool for an arm, thread through the loop and put on the other spool. Now take the ends of these pieces and secure to the rod you are using to control the puppet.  Tie the arms on as near to the ends of the dowel rod as you can. 
  5. Now tie one more piece onto the loop (Unless you didn;’t cut the piece off from attaching the body.  Then you can just use that.) and put on one more spool for the head.  Push the head down so it sits between the arms. (This is when it will finally look like a puppet!) Take this piece of yarn straight up and tie to the middle of the dowel rod. 
  6. That’s it!  Clear as mud right?  LOL

You will just have to play with it if you want to make these.  We used 8 spools per girl, one 12" dowel and yarn. Then the girls used markers to decorate them however they wanted. (I bought the spools on the wood pieces aisle at JoAnn’s.  They didn’t carry very many in each store so I had to go to 3 stores to get enough. But, I needed over 100 spools.)

For snack we had Molasses Cookies and iced tea.  Which were both yummy!

So that was week 4 and 5.  Only one more week of Addy!
Happy Homeschooling,


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