Mad Science – Rockets!

April 9, 2010 at 9:43 am (Uncategorized)

Last week for Mad Science we learned about Rockets!

Here the kids are learning about the parts of the rocket.

It was fun having my rent-a-kid here for Mad Science.  His family hosted Mad Science for 2 years when my oldest son was younger. So the boys have LOTS of good Mad Science memories.

Here are the kids racing balloon rockets! There was a fishing line strung between 2 chairs with a straw strung on it.  Then the Scientist taped a balloon on each straw and the kids let go!

You can see my little man LOVED it!

After getting to assemble a rocket as a group everyone headed outside to launch our rocket!

The kids waiting anxiously!


Where did it go?  It was amazing to see how high it went and then we saw the parachute release and it floated down into the street behind out house. 
You can’t see it in this picture.  I was sure hoping I would get a shot of it in the sky though! Made you look!  LOL

Once the rocket was launched the kids took off to play on the new play structure!
So here are the lessons we learned:

  • We learned what makes rockets fly and how to launch them safely.
  • We learned about thrust by racing balloon rockets.
  • We learned the parts of a rocket and their functions.
  • We witnessed the 3 parts of flight. 1. ignition, 2. time delay, 3. ejection charge.

It was another great week of Mad Science!

Happy Homeschooling,


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  1. Anonymous said,

    i tried finding out how that works but maybe there is not a Mad Science close enough to us. No one has has ever contacted me back about my inquiries at Mad Science. It looks like so much fun and would be great for a co-op.

  2. Anonymous said,

    Every time I look at your photos I always think….those poor unsocialized homeschoolers all stuck at home doing nothing. LOL!

    Jamie R.

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