Boys Book Club – Wishbone – Treasure Island

April 16, 2010 at 8:39 am (Uncategorized)

This month for Boys Book Club we read The Adventures of Wishbone Salty Dog.  This is a retelling of Treasure Island as only Wishbone can do it!  Since the weather is great right now the mom that leads the book club decided we would have it at the park!  It was a GREAT idea!  She also invited the boys to come dressed as Pirates!

Here is our narly crew of Pirates!  Arghhhh….

Only during a Pirate themed book club is it okay to shoot your neighbor during the book discussion!  LOL

After discussing the book the boys were split into 2 teams.  They were each given a treasure box to go hide in the park.  After they hid there treasure they came back to the tables and drew out a map to guide the other team to go search for the treasure. 

Here is one of the teams heading out to hide their treasure!

The other team hiding their eyes while the treasure is being hidden.

Here is our team with their map ready to give it to the other team.

Here are the two teams meeting up to swap maps.

Arghhhh!  We found our treasure ye scurvy dogs!
For snack the boys each got a fruit roll up to roll out and "draw" a treasure map on it with white icing.
Here is my little man working on his.

My son decided that since this month Boys Book Club was at the park that he wanted his sister to come too! I thought it was VERY nice of him since he stays home every week while she goes off to American Girl Club.  I have made a really big deal about this being his special time with mom.  But, he knows that several of his sisters friends are there since they all don’t have a teenage brother to stay home with.  What a sweet boy to want his sister to come along!

Here is my daughter helping her brother with his snack.

Last, but not least, the boys got to take home their share of the Pirate booty! There was a bag for each of them with chocolate gold coins, candy necklaces and bracelets, Ring Pops, super balls and gold nuggets (aka: rolos!)

It was a very FUN book club! I think next week we will read the Magic Tree House Pirate book and guide.  We might try to do a Pirate lapbook too!

Happy Homeschooling,


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