Mad Science – Taste Buds!

April 19, 2010 at 8:07 am (Uncategorized)

Our latest Mad Science class was all about taste! 

Here are the kids mixing up some blue food coloring to…..

….use to dye their tongues! 
This was to help make their taste buds more easily visible so they could get a good look at their partners tongue.

After examining each others tongues the kids learned about how taste and smell are connected. 

Here they are passing around different beakers to smell.  They also learned about wafting scents to protect their sense of smell.

Now how about making your own soda pop!  Yep, the kids got to mix up their own soda and carbonate it!

My daughter tasting her soda without using her sense of smell.

The kids lined up for a lifesaver taste test.  Each of them had a partner and they opened and fed a lifesaver to each other without telling what color it was. The kids had to guess what flavor they got without seeing the color.  It was really hard!
My daughter got green and was sure it was cherry!

One thing I don’t think I have mentioned is that each week the kids get a cool take home experiment to go along with the week’s lesson.
This week we got a scratch and sniff match up card.  Here are my kids with a friend doing there scratch and sniff cards.

This was week 6 of Mad Science at my house!  Two more Mad Science classes this year before we break for Summer!

Happy Homeschooling,



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