The Case for Easter

March 20, 2008 at 9:25 am (Uncategorized)

I was given the book The Case for Easter a last year at Easter.  At first I was not very excited about reading it.  I had read The Case for Christ a few years earlier as a part of a Book Club//Bible Study I was in.  Boy, was it hard to read!  But, this one at least is very small!  LOL 

So here is what I thought of The Case for Easter….It is GREAT!!!!

It is 3 chapters plus an introduction and a conclusion. 

The 3 chapters are:

1.  The Medical Evidence: Was Jesus’ Death a Sham and his Resurrection a Hoax?

2.  The Evidence of the Missing Body:  Was Jesus’ Body Really Absent From His Tomb?

3.  The Evidence of His Appearance:   Was Jesus Alive After His Death on the Cross?

Now, I have to admit that i have never doubted any of these things before.  I grew up in a church going home and the crucifixion, burial and resurrection have always been very believable to me.  This book really did point out some amazing scientific and historical evidence for the things I have always believed.  The Author, Lee Strobel, is an Investigative Journalist.  He researches his books just like he would a News story.  Just looking at the facts.  I found this approach very interesting.  He actually started investigating Christianity  because he was not a believer and his wife became a Christian.  He thought he could disprove it.  The book gave me a lot of things to think about that I had not considered before.  It convinced me on a more Intellectual level that what I believe about Jesus is true.  In the conclusion of the book when he talks about his 5 year old daughters response to the changes in him once he accepted Christ made my eyes fill with tears! 

I may have to go back and give The Case for Christ a second chance! 


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