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The word "homeschool" didn’t come about until the late 20th century.  But the idea of homeschooling goes back to the beginning of time.  Until compulsory education laws became common in the States, around 1918, most American citizens were taught at home by their parents or hired tutors.  The model of one-on-one teaching is hard to beat!  I looked around for a good “History of Homeschooling” online and the best one I found was on Wikipedia.  Here is the article.  If you are interested in learning more about how homeschooling came to be what it is today you will want to read this article.

As a homeschool mom I owe a debt of gratitude to the many people who homeschooled before me.  It is amazing to me to see what has happened in the movement in the 13 years we have been involved in it.  I remember when I first started telling people we were going to homeschool back in the early 1990’s the common response was “Is that legal?”  From that we have gone to the pretty much an acceptance of homeschooling  as a viable option for education in most people’s minds.

So join me in celebrating the people who paved the way for us today!  Below are some interesting links and freebies that have to do with how homeschooling has gotten where it is today.

Here is an article entitled The Founders of the U.S.A. Learned Without Public School

Here is a fun and encouraging list of Famous Homeschoolers.  If you have never looked up a list like this it is fun to look at and think about the possibilities of the future of our kids.

At the Moore Foundation you can learn about the Moore Formula developed by homeschool pioneers Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore.  Dr. Moore and his wife are homeschool pioneers.  He is frequently called The Grandfather of Homeschooling.

Here is the book Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto you can read free online.  John Taylor Gatto is a former teacher and education activist. He has written many books on the problems with public education. HERE is site with links to many of his writings in pdf form, including his 1990 Teacher of the Year speech where he lambasted the public school system in America.

Here is an interesting interview with John Holt a public school teacher in the late 1970’s who became one of the best known proponent of homeschooling.  HERE you will find the frequently asked question section of the John Holt website.

HSLDA has the transcripts to several of their radio programs on the theme of Homeschooling Through History.  You will find them HERE.

Charlotte Mason has had a huge influence on homeschooling.  If you missed the free links I provided in THM last week you will find them HERE.

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    You always share such good information. Thanks for all you contribute!

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